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Vaidya Viral Shah M.D. (Ayurveda)
Vaidya Viral Shah was born in 1968 at the holy city of Ahmedabad-India, where he was raised and attended elementary and secondary school.

At the age of 17 years he joined Ayurvedic college where he became interested simultaneously in the subjects pertaining to Adhyatma (Spiritual Consciousness) and Ayurveda. At an early age he got golden opportunity to meet honourable Raj Vaidya Rasiklal Parikh (former Vice-Chancellor of Gujarat Ayurveda University) who explained him a great importance of the best Indian classical textbook of medicine-charaka-samhita. Considering significance of charaka-samhita he decided to practise pure Ayurveda and carry out all clinical research works based on the charaka-samhita.

In the year 1989 he got another golden chance to attend satsang (holy speech and activities) of divine Sadgurudeva Pujya Asharamji Bapu in his holy Ashram where he acquired glorious spiritual knowledge, which is also essential to practise pure Ayurveda. In the year 1990 he completed graduation in the Ayurveda and received degree of B.A.M.S.

In the year 1991 he joined Post-graduate at Gujarat Ayurveda University, where he carried out research work on indigenous oedema and bronchial Asthma using medicine of charaka-samhita (green-ginger and jaggery). In this clinical study he observed highly significant efficacy of green-ginger and jaggery on many types of oedema, Asthma, Cold, Cough and diseases related to kapha and vata. Even today he continues to prescribe green-ginger, jaggery and combination of other Ayurvedic drugs in the treatment of high blood pressure, chest pain, hypothyrodism, depression and disorders of jathragni. During the course of post graduate he got valuable guidance from honourable Vaidya C.P. Shukla of Jamnagar regarding research works and good Ayurvedic practice.
At the present Vaidya viral shah is practising pure Ayurveda based on Charaka-samhita in his own Narayan Ayurvedic Clinic since 1995. He uses Medicinal Plants and drugs which are appropriate the therapeutic principles of charaka-smahita and Ayurveda.

He has observed significant efficacy of vitalization therapy of Ayurveda in the treatment of vatvyadhis, skin disorders, HIV related disorders and other Major Killer diseases. His ambition is to provide great benefits of prestigious vitalization therapy to the patients of AIDS, Vatvyadhis and Skin disorders and other major diseases.

At the present he is also associated with works on Medical Astrology, Vaidic sex education and Vastu Shastra. In the year 1998 his two papers (related AIDS) were published in the journal of San-Marino conferences (Italy). Recently his book titled "Vasu Sex Education" has been published.He believes that every person should work hard to achieve goal of human life-spiritual peace, happiness.
Vaidya Nuti V. Shah B.A.M.S.

Vaidya Nuti Shah was born in 1968 at small town Rajpipla, Gujarat where she raised and attended elementary and secondary school. She completed her graduation in the Ayurveda (B.A.M.S.) in the year 1991 from Surat. After completion of B.A.M.S. she worked as a Medical officer in the Mahavir hospital of Surat. In the year 1995 she started her own practice.

Since 1998 after marrying Vaidya Viral shah she is actively involved in purely Ayurvedic preparations, Panch Karma and treatment of gynecological disorders. Her ambition is to solve Medical problems of women, girls and teenagers.
At the present she is associated with works on spasmodic dysmenrrohea and Acnevulgaris.

Both Vaidya Viral Shah and Vaidya Nuti Shah are thankful to their parents, relatives and friends for their kind support.