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We provide purely Ayurvedic products derived from Therapeutic Principles of Charaka-Samhita to our patients.
1.Hair oil with multiple strength for hair fall, Palitya (white hair) and other hair  problems.
2.Hair-Pack for making hair black and smooth.
3.Body care oil and ointment for Joint Problems and Pain Management.
4.Skin care oil for skin diseases and as a regular massage oil and for better  complexion.
5.Dental care tooth Powder : Regular tooth powder and useful in bleeding gums and Dental pains.
6.Medicinal turmeric powder : This is combination of highly efficient turmeric and other ayurvedic drugs use full in diabetes, skin diseases, obesityand hair problems.
7.Medicinal dry ginger powder : This is combination of highly efficient ginger and other ayurvedic drugs useful in cough, cold, asthma and digestive problems.
8. Herbal dental tooth powder: Regular tooth powder and useful in bleeding gums and Dental pains.
9. HAIR TONIC: This is internal powder useful in Hair Fall and poor hair growth.
10. Joints care: This is internal medicine useful in Low back pain, calf pain, Arthritis and paralysis.
11. Skin Freshener: It removes oiliness and darkness of skin. It reduces excessive perspiration. This product is external use only and can be utililized by every one and all couples want to improve complexion, personality and marriage life. This is very useful to newly married honey moon couples.
Research works:
1)The clinical study of The Vitalization therapy in the management of HIV-SEX RELATED disorders.
2)The Clinical and Therapeutic utility of The Medical Astrology and The Vastu Shatra.
3) Therapeutic application of some Medicinal Plants.
Note: Our Turmeric, Ginger and some powders are totally different from ordinary market powders.
Our publications titled :
1. Vasu Sex Education (in gujarati) is also available.
2.Arogya-Amritia book in gujarati.