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Highlights on a few useful Health Tips of The Ayurveda:
Wakeup early in the morning and take a bath before sunrise if possible.
Do appropriate massage in the morning when stomach is empty.
Do Meditate on the soul (Atma) daily in the morning and do so frequently at all suitable times. In the heart of your heart entertain the idea of Atma Chintan (Spiritual thinking) that "I am neither a body (sharira) nor the Senses (The Indriyas) nor the mind (The Mana) nor the Intellect (The Buddhi) but I am blissful, immutable and transcendental Atma (Spirit).

The Atma knows no suffering and nor has any disease or decay. Diseases, Anger, jealosy, fear, greed, grief, miseries, agonies, birth and death, old age- all these imperfections seek resort in our bodies and minds.
The regular Practise of above Atma-chintan (Spiritual thinking) can improve functions of all body systems significantly.
Wish good health and longivity for every living creature in Universe.
Avoid intake of curd in the evening and night as it can cause serious health problems.
Excessive intake of salt and alkalis can induce skin disorders, Hair Problems (Hair Fall, Alopecia), High blood Pressure, Odema, Bleeding disorders, impotency and other health problems.
Take food when you are properly hungry. Keep your lunchtime between 12.30 pm to 1.30 pm(if possible) and keep minimum intervals of six to eight hours between lunch and dinner. Don't eat any food between lunch and dinner if possible. Don't drink water before meal and immediately after meal. Always avoid over-eating. Take your lunch and dinner in the properly made bronze utensils.
Don't suppress natural urges of urine, feces, flatus, vomiting, sneezing, eructation, yawning, hunger, thirst, tears, sleep and deep breathing after exertion.
Boiled water is useful in joints problems, fever, cough, cold, asthma and diseases related to kapha and vata.
Milk should not be taken with Sour Articles, onion, Garlic, Pulses and Fish as combination of milk with these substances produces certain toxic in the body which can vitiate our body dhatus.
Avoid vessels of Aluminum for food preparation.
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